Welcome to our Restaurant Tian Fu II,

Welcome to the newly opened specialty restaurant in Berliner Straße 15!

We offer you various Chinese specialties
also a unique hot pot buffet at.

Visit our restaurant and you will be amazed!

Our chefs prepare all dishes freshly for you too.

We offer an intimate setting,
friendly advice.

Bon Appetite!


Firepot 火鍋 / 火锅

The most popular type in Sichuan to eat is the firepot,
also known as Chinese fondue.

One half of the pot is made of a slightly flavored,
white soup,
while the other half feuerrot shines, with Sichuan pepper
Chilli and spiced.

The hot pot is served with the following ingredients: prawns,
Squid, chicken breast, beef, lamb,
Pork, glass noodles, tofu, vegetables Shanghai, Chinese cabbage,
Mushrooms and more.